Whiz!Bam!Pow! – The Adventures of the Sentinel

Episode One

Who is the Black Scarab? Has he returned to wreak havoc on the citizens of Metro City? Will the Sentinel be able to stop him? Find out on this new installment of THE ADVENTURES OF THE SENTINEL!


Episode Two


The Black Scarab’s Revenge continues!! Did Belmont and Walker survive their plunge into the river? Who is the Black Scarab? What nefarious plans does he have in store for Metro City? And what diabolical scheme could spell the end of The Sentinel?!


Episode Three


The Black Scarab’s Revenge comes to a screeching conclusion in this historic episode that made headlines all over the world!!  Will The Sentinel be unmasked? What or WHO can save him and Metro City from the nefarious evil of THE BLACK SCARAB?!


The Players

Paul Montgomery….. The Sentinel / Alan Walker / The Black Scarab
Kate Dawson ….. Margot Belmont


Justin W. Hedges …. Joey (Episode One)
Paul R. Klein …. Rico (Episode One) 


Josh Cline….. Car Theft Victim (Episode Two)
Wonder Russell …. “Oh My Stars” Lady (Episode Two)
MJ Slide…. The Bystander (Episode Two)


Tyler Weaver…. Announcer/Narrator 


Artwork by Blair Campbell

Written by Tyler Weaver and Paul Klein


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