Whiz!Bam!Pow! Book One – Ollie


… a story that brilliantly blends together the Golden Age of Comics with the pangs and pitfalls of our own Modern Age. 

– John T. Trigonis

author, “Crowdfunding for Filmmakers,” filmmaker, “Cerise,” “Mating Dome.”


A heroic icon of Americana. A grandfather rebuilding his grandson’s future by recreating his youth. A caricature artist struggling with reality. A generous tip. All connected by a single comic book. Whiz!Bam!Pow! is a story experience told through three interconnected novelettes, a 1940s radio show and a comic book from 1938 that delves into family, forgery, ambition, secret codes, death rays and the Golden Age of Comics.

Book One tells the tale of Ollie, a grandfather who attempts to make a forgery of the most valuable comic book in the world –– Whiz!Bam!Pow! Comics #7, the comic taken from him 61 years earlier in A Linen Forcefield –– after gambling away his grandson’s college money on a senior’s casino trip. Cover-up, Jane Russell, bedtime stories, and heartbreak ensue.


WHIZ!BAM!POW! BOOK ONE – OLLIE is available for free, in serialized chapters here: