The Price of Saving Face: 22 Million People

I hold out little hope that Senator McCain will do something dramatic in his Senate return today. He will vote yes on the MTP to debate the Better Care Reconciliation Act–or more appropriately, the Allow What Passes for Republican Leadership to Save Face and Not Get Angry Tweets at the Expense of the Lives of 22 Million Americans Act–and thus be hailed as an inspirational hero to the needs and wants of clueless rich white men.

In the aftermath of the passage of a vote to talk about it, there will be another beer party (probably); there will be endless equivocation (Well, Chuck, I think it’s important we at least debate the measure, even though I know most of my constituents hate it, are scared of it, and have no idea what’s in it; we’re so much alike in that way, I really feel for them, blah blah blah); there will be praise and applause and tight-smiled politician-emoting for Senator McCain—much of it deserved, but none of which is deserved for his likely vote today to deny others the same access to worry-free health care that will enable him to cast his vote in Washington today.

Never underestimate the lengths rich white men will go to to save face.