A couple weeks ago, I was very lucky to be asked by my good friend Oli Lewington (@olilewington) to be one of the inaugural “home-grown” pieces of content on his great new Indie-centric curation site, The Indie Film Hub (www.theindiefilmhub.com). The piece is called “The Indie Responsibility,” and here’s a little snippet. Click the link below the snippet to go check out the entire post!

“Indie” or “Independent” has so many definitions that the very use in front of “filmmaker” negates its own usage – except in one profound usage. EVERY filmmaker, pastry chef, cupcake maven, cook, musician, author, fashion designer and basket weaver should be “Independent.” “Independent” implies singular vision, free of “money man” interference.

Film is unique in that that singular vision is the result of a collective set of compromises, serendipity, and happy accidents from one of any number of crew members, caterers, actors, or directors – whose greatest responsibility is the solidification of that vision into a single, palpable, and pleasing answer to the immortal demand “entertain me.”

Check out the entire post at The Indie Film Hub!

Thanks again Oli!