The Coming of the Cone

In which this home briefly returns to being just a house.

Izzy, the newest member of our family and my little rescue, is spending the day and night at the vet to earn her post-spay cone. It’s only been a short time since the little dog came into my life, but in the hour since K dropped her off, her absence marks a striking and disconcerting return to this house being simply a house.

I know that tomorrow, the Puppers will come back, slightly groggy and with a ring of plastic around her head and that home will return. In the ten ensuing days of Izzy’s JURASSIC PARK-dilophosaurus cosplay, The Morkie will no doubt attempt to teach her her trick learned during her days of beconement: how to scoop up gravel and hurl said pieces with abandon.

Until then, this is a house. And I am here.