Returning Again / Phase Something or Other

For the nth time, a return to these daily pieces (and their debut at this site) is creatively necessary as a means to refocus and warm up the brain-finger-keyboard dirt road for the day’s toil; if blogging is dead for readers, let it be alive for writers looking to unstick their brain and for this writer in particular to care less about whether or not anyone cares about what he’s writing.

This return also represents an effort to refocus what mental energy I have for connectivity into a medium and platform with which I’m comfortable. The sharing of news stories and pieces of art is fine, but, as has been the case for however long I’ve been working on this new book, my capacity for coherent thought in 140-character bites has reached a low ebb. Like it or not, I recognize and understand the importance of that connected life: in the middle of nowhere, it is, for better or worse, the sole means of sharing my work—whatever form that work may take.

So for now, these unpolished brain-exorcisms—along with the now-biweekly (TW) newsletter— are among the prioritized forms to help me focus more fully on the larger work at hand; the B-sides that enable the A-sides.

QUIXOTE progress: embarked on the journey 412 years into the past on 29 May; currently at page 682 / 890+. An enjoyable—and remarkable—read, but a slog. To work.