When I started out in music, I played the notes on the page. I played it safe, I played it correctly, but there was no life to it. Then I discovered The Beatles and more importantly, John Lennon. Shake it up baby now. I started playing with abandon, and loved what I was doing.

Then I went to music school and had to play it safe again, so I rebelled. I stopped performing, and taught myself to compose. I wrote what I wanted to play. Then I had to play it safe.

So I rebelled.

I moved into film, where I could be even more myself.  Then I had to play it safe because I was paid to do it.

Not anymore.

Always, always, be you, and never play it safe. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

So thank you John, for kicking my ass out of my comfort zone, even though you died a year before I was born, and 30 years ago today. You’re always missed – but you never played it safe.