As I’ve no doubt made you all aware, I’m writing a book on comics and transmedia, to be published next year. As part of it, there’s a ton of research, and for this one, I need your help. The opening section is on transmedia storytelling, and I need to gauge what type of media consumer you consider yourselves. This is extremely unscientific, but I do need a bit of feedback to help with my research.

So, take a gander at these questions three, and respond in the comment field – thanks in advance!

1.) Do you consider yourself a Passive (watch the movie, watch a TV show, read a comic) or Immersive (consume all the parts of a project, actively seeking them out) media consumer?

2.) If you consider yourself Immersive, what is it about the project or intellectual property that makes you seek out each story piece and become an active member of the project community? This can be anything, from the story, to the characters to the creators.

3.) If you consider yourself Passive, what would make you lean towards Immersive? Anything? How many pieces of story do you consume?