Notes on the search for the perfect pen

Requirements: quasi-legible, smear-free results for rapid, left-handed thought-vomit exorcism / quick dry time / above average ink capacity / ease of local access to purchase.

The cast-asides: Pilot G2, 0.7mm and 1.0mm (flimsy pen, smearing ink); Pilot V-5 Precise (too fine a point); Papermate Flairs (former beloveds but too thick of a line); uni ball Signo 207, 0.7mm and 1.0mm (close, but too light; the 1.0 was an unwieldy blob-dropper); uni ball Vision Elite 0.8mm (very close, but); uni ball Air 0.7mm (thought for awhile that it might be the one but the bleed through on Moleskine notebook pages was a deal-breaker); Zebra G-301 (ink longevity was worthless); Papermate Inkjoy (no, just no); uni-ball Jetstream RT 0.7mm (almost perfect but too fine a point)…

Also in use: Staples mini-pens for my two Moleskine Volants, one for on-the-go thought capture and the other for recording the results of four-times-daily blood sugar testing aka blood sacrifice to the beeping giants. Not entirely satisfied with this option, though: they tend to write rough near the margins and the too-thick clip tears the hell out of the Volant covers. Suggestions welcome.

The saga continues (?)