@ Mastering Film: Strengthen Your Documentary by Questioning… Yourself

My second post for Focal Press’ Mastering Film Dot Com is live! In “Strengthen Your Documentary by Questioning… Yourself,” I talk about how any work of creation is the process of answering your own questions. Have a look, have a read, share a lot, and enjoy!

In my first post, I examined what I believe to be the most important question you can ask an interviewee, “is there anything we didn’t talk about that you would like to talk about?” Questions are the bread and butter of documentary film – without questions, a documentary is simply a soapbox for your views. This works wonderfully if that’s what you’re aiming for (though all too often a compelling story is sacrificed), but when your aim is to create a timeless work that will have the same potency twenty years from now as it does twenty seconds after release, the right questions are essential.

Strengthen Your Documentary By Questioning… Yourself @ Mastering Film Dot Com

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