@ Mastering Film: “Jazz, Interviews, & Penmanship: Five Tips for Successful Interviews”

My newest post for Focal Press’s Mastering Film website went live this week. In “Jazz, Interviews, & Penmanship: Five Tips for Successful Interviews,” I share the five guiding principles that have resulted in great on-camera interviews in my documentary work. Here’s a peek:

I’ve talked a lot about questions in both of my previous posts: the last (and most important) question you should ask in an interview, and theongoing questions that should be with you throughout the development, production, and post of the work you’re making. Now, it’s time to talk a bit about answers. Here are the five key principles that guide me through the interview process, be it a five-minute interview, or a five-day one.

1.) The camera is there.

It’s ludicrous to try to convince your interview subject that the camera isn’t there. It is. It’s omnipresent. To say otherwise is disengenous to you, your project, and most importantly, your interviewee.

And here’s the full post – enjoy!

Jazz, Interviews, & Penmanship: Five Tips for Successful Interviews


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