@ Mastering Film: I Can’t Read My Writing & That’s OK

Part two (part one can be found here) of my writing series is live over at Mastering Film dot com! In “I Can’t Read My Writing…,” I lay out the pros and cons of being a “write by hand” guy, and my love of making doctors be proud of their own handwriting. Here’s a snippet. Follow the link for the full piece!

When last we met, I opened up a series on writing with (appropriately), a post on first drafts. In it, I chronicled my journey from anal retentive composer to brain-vomiting first draftsman. Following my writer’s journey into brain vomiting, I found my technique again lacking. I examined it from all angles until I realized something I had overlooked: I was writing on a computer and the organizational process became more important than the writing process. I would organize folders, inboxes, project folders, trying to find the best way that represented how my head worked. I learned an important lesson – my brain does not function like a Mac. It’s not pretty, it’s not functional, and it does whatever it wants to do.

That’s when I pulled out the legal pads, pen, and paper clips. I found what was missing was the sensation of “writing,” not “typing.” And so I wrote, never once looking back at what had been written before – my handwriting, which would make a doctor say “hey, I’m not bad” also contributed to this. In the time since I adopted this method, I’ve written three feature scripts in a year, planned out the transmedia project that is Whiz!Bam!Pow!, wrote the radio shows, films, novellas, and comic books that populate the WBP world, and learned the most important lesson a creative can learn:

Hemingway WAS right: the first draft of anything is shit.

I Can’t Read My Writing, and That’s OK!

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