@Mastering Film – Everyone Has a Story

I’m very excited to announce my new writing gig as a regular contributor to Focal Press’ “Mastering Film” website!

When I left my life as a musician in 2004, I immediately started teaching myself the nuts and bolts of the film medium, and Focal Press books were a huge part of my education. Seven years on, when I was offered the chance to write for their new online resource, Mastering Film, I jumped at the chance to have a venue to bring some of what I’ve learned to others.

My first post, “Everyone Has a Story,” discusses the most important question to ask in a documentary interview. Upcoming posts include more documentary stuff, a lot about writing, and something I’m very excited about – an ongoing series on transmedia and the future of storytelling!

I’ll shut up now – go read “Everyone Has a Story” at Mastering Film dot com!

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