“Lucio Battisti’s ‘Il Mio Canto Libero’ was a song I grew up with, thanks to my father who put me on to his music. Very inspiring, very real, for the song speaks of the freedom of ”being”, something very real to me and my visions of composition. Tyler Weaver helped bring my rendition of the piece (as a surprise 60th birthday gift to pops), to another level by adding his creative charm to it.

Barely familiar with the timeless Dylan-like Italian artist from the ’60’s era, Tyler’s visual addition to the ”I’ll Mio Canto Libero” project was just the perfect touch! I am so honored to have crossed paths with him… Tyler’s brilliant imagination and creative film-making talent literally transformed Battisti’s piece into a miniature masterpiece, which goes to show that the language of Art is made up of one great body of beauty, resembling the secrets of the universe. My father is so proud!

I look forward to working with Tyler in the near future as I am putting together my DonnaFran and Hello Phones albums.”


2007 / Music Video produced for FRANCESCA DIGIOVANNA / Directed by TYLER WEAVER