Eventually / Into the elven wasteland

A note to myself above the unending to-read list:

“Remember: this list will never be completed. Take your time and enjoy it. You only have the rest of your life. However the hell long that is.”

While this attitude works with books, it doesn’t translate to the calcified build-up of “eventually” online inputs that I’m certain were important at the time of their relegation to the eventually and yet become, at the time of their appointed processing — saved, no doubt, for that right waiting room or for that right solitary moment in the Pat Katan’s parking lot (an Elf-themed Christmas tree is taking shape in our home and further shaping requires many trips into the wasteland) that may never come – stunningly unimportant, their urgency having slid down the twisty slide into oblivion.

(The honing and focusing of online (reading) habits continues to be essential / the battle of importance vs. urgency…)

There might be a deeper point to this though if there is, I’ve yet to find it (Possible memoir title? Another possibility: You’re Alone and No One Gives a Shit: A Life in the Arts in the 21st Century; perhaps I’ll write that one, eventually (there’s another one)).

Happy Thursday.