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In April of 2011, I went to my first Boston Comic Con, right around the corner from my old apartment. It was a bit of a homecoming–a breakfast of eggs benedict and Guinness at Charlie’s, a lunch at Chili Duck.  My first evening at the Con, I went to McGreevy’s (another former haunt, the perfect beer stop midpoint between Berklee and my apartment) to attend the League of Ordinary Gentlemen podcast Comic Con Party. I ended up meeting Matt Dursin, one of the eponymous Gentlemen, and we decided that I should go on their podcast at some point.

That some point ended up being Memorial Day of 2013, and the conversation was well worth the wait. I had a blast catching up with Matt, meeting (or re-meeting) Clay and Josh and discussing my work, both in the non-fiction and fictional realms (as I say in the interview, my non-fiction work supports my fiction habit). In the space of an hour, we covered everything from Comics for Film, Games and Animation: Using Comics to Construct Your Transmedia Storyworld to Whiz!Bam!Pow! to the massive debacle that is DC’s New 52 to my attempts to sell my DVD of Frank Miller’s The Spirit at a garage sale. We also chatted about our love of old school comics and the dire straits (in spite of spawning billion-dollar franchises) in which the comics industry currently finds itself.

So if you’ve got a free hour, hop on over to the League’s website, and have a listen. And be sure to check out their other podcasts – the Gentlemen do some fantastic work.

League of Ordinary Gentlemen Podcast Episode 153 – An Interview with Tyler Weaver

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