Comics for Film, Games & Animation: Using Comics to Construct Your Transmedia Storyworld

” …a treat for those of us who have been life-long comics readers, but it may also be a revelation for those who are just discovering how central comics have become to the operations of contemporary popular culture.”

Henry Jenkins, author “Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide

” … the intersection of Scott McCloud, Henry Jenkins, and Matt Madden.”

 Carol Tilley, Professor and author, “Seducing the Innocent: Frederic Wertham and the Falsifications That Helped Condemn Comics.”

“Making connections across multiple forms of pop culture… Weaver has produced a work that I strongly believe should be in all secondary schools and certainly all libraries.” 

Peter Gutierrez, “The School Library Journal


As we move into a convergence culture, a culture where a single story can play out over a variety of media, comics have emerged as an underutilized (at best) or undervalued (at worst) vehicle of expression for filmmakers, game designers, and other storytellers. COMICS FOR FILM, GAMES AND ANIMATION: USING COMICS TO CONSTRUCT YOUR TRANSMEDIA STORYWORLD explores the past, present, and future of the comics medium to give those storytellers an understanding of comics’ unlimited storytelling potential and the practical tools to integrate comics into their own transmedia story experiences.

Comics are a key element in today’s convergence culture. From their use in video games, like BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY and the HALO  series to their use in films like STAR TREK and THE INCREDIBLES, comics have proven an invaluable method for creators to expand their storyworld and provide audiences with irresistible gateways into the story.

COMICS  teaches you how to integrate comic storytelling into your own transmedia work by exploring their past, present, and future. It discusses the creation of the unique mythologies in comic stories and digs into the details of comic construction, from pacing to scripting to collaboration. Below, you will find updated analyses, new and extended interviews, digital supplements, and more.



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