Coming to Quiet Country

“I was captivated by the stark, simple scenes and language of QUIET COUNTRY, and by the powerful moments Weaver chose to share. A compelling piece of short narrative nonfiction.” –THERESE WALSH, author, THE LAST WILL OF MOIRA LEAHY and THE MOON SISTERS.

On a frigid December morning in 1950, Cho Nae-shin and her sister came home from church in Pyongyang. When they came through the door, their mother told them to pack their bags and go. They thought that they would get to come home in a few days.

From war-torn Pyongyang across the 38th Parallel to Seoul, to the refugee camp on Jeju Island and the Military Hospital in Busan, to Tokyo and finally to Holmes County, Ohio, COMING TO QUIET COUNTRY follows Nae-shin and her family’s journey across a countryside ravaged by war and plagued by unthinkable danger to their freedom from an oppressive nightmare that millions still face.

COMING TO QUIET COUNTRY is a powerful true story of determination, of the tragedies and miracles that shape the bonds of family and the power of the simplest gesture of all: listening.


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Gather ‘Round the Mic

For more than 10 hours on a sultry Cleveland night, in a bar roughly the size of a small two-bedroom apartment and on a “stage” cordoned off by tables and placemarked with an Oriental rug, musicians from all over the world played and sang their hearts out.

The day before was an all-day, all night jamfest around a raging bonfire – the musicians hoping to not catch ablaze in the middle of their songs (none did). MySpace may have let them find each other, but music brought them together. Hugs. How are you’s. Then right into it, as though they had been playing together their whole lives.

During those two days this virtual family became a real family, united by their singular passion – to play music on their terms, and to enjoy the music of others. There were no judgments. No competitions. Just free-flowing, fearless creativity.

And the world’s biggest ukulele strap.

This is the film of that weekend.

2009 / A Film by TYLER WEAVER / Sound by JAY COX

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