While I clearly embrace Warren Ellis’s thoughts on the internet and our connected world (these Informalities are inspired by his Morning, Computer site and Sadie Stein’s daily posts at The Paris Review), I’ve struggled to enjoy his fiction. There are some notable exceptions—the great FELL series, his all-too-brief MOON KNIGHT run with Declan Shalvey, and the brilliant NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF HATE—but I’m not what you would consider a devotee.

That said, I was immediately intrigued by the promise of Netflix’s new CASTLEVANIA animated series, written by Ellis; the promise of Ellis, even in spite of my lack of enthusiasm for his work, still holds a certain sway (thanks to the aforementioned exceptions). After watching the first “season”—a term I use loosely—I’m still intrigued by the promise of an animated Netflix CASTLEVANIA written by Ellis. But that’s about it: at a scant four episodes totaling less than 100 minutes, it feels as though I’ve watched a four episode proof of concept—a first act, at best—and have to wait a year to get to the actual series.

At least I want to see the actual series–and replay all of the old games. Mission accomplished?