One of those “I don’t know what to watch” films picked at random on a bleary-eyed Saturday night, ANTHROPOID turned out to be a diamond-tipped needle in the haystack of infinite streaming choice. Detailing a part of history I knew little about—the assassination of the Third Reich’s architect of the Final Solution, Reinhard Heydrich, by agents of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile and the atrocities the Reich unleashed in the aftermath of Heydrich’s death—ANTHROPOID is elevated above similar tales (like Bryan Singer’s 2008 effort VALKYRIE) by a stellar cast (led by Cillian Murphy) and a solid emotional through-line that makes the denouement of the film that much more tragic. While the pacing can be a bit tedious in the first half, once ANTHROPOID finds its way it careens to a climax that one hopes to avoid but one upon which history has other ideas. Recommended.

The time change and its enforcement of springing ahead into a sleep-deprived stupor. The day awaits.