In March, I was lucky enough to get the chance to help a group of students in Wooster push their writing to the next level.

To do this, I presented them with a challenge. In three pages, they had to solve a problem. The problem was that two characters were stuck in a room (or an island – the only location rule was NO CELL PHONES!).

The challenge was that they had to get the characters out of the room (or island), but only ONE of them could escape — hence the series title…

“A Lone Survivor.” 

What themes would arise? What twists and turns would they add? How would they pay off set ups and set up pay offs? Over the course of six weeks, we worked their stories through revisions and edits – at one point trading stories and having another student rewrite the story through the point of view of the character that WASN’T the “Lone Survivor.”

Go check out the stories from  A Lone Survivor and see why I consider myself a very lucky — and proud teacher.