On Thursday, March 1, I’ll turn in the final manuscript for my book, Comics for Film, Games, and Animation: Using Comics to Construct Your Transmedia Storyworld. Since I started the book at the end of September, I’ve logged more than 700 pages of writing, research and drafts on legal pads, computer programs, Scrivener, Microsoft Word, and Post-Its (the book itself will be just over 300 pages). The pieces that were cut were either thrown in the trash, never to be seen again, or saved for the companion website or future editions of the book. I’ve had the chance to chat with some amazing people like Alison Gaylin (And She Was), Henry Jenkins (Convergence Culture), Frank Rose (The Art of Immersion), and Denny O’Neil (writer of Batman, The Shadow, The Question Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Batman group editor in the 1980s and 1990s). I’ve pondered Arkham City more than I ever thought possible, and I self-debated the reasons that the Marvel Universe has endured (with frequent retcons) and the DC Universe has had to be rebooted on a massive scale throughout its history.

Today, I declared major writing operations done for the project. There’s a lot of work left to be done. Rewrites, reformatting (including a massive reformat that makes the book so much better), a website to further grow, more interviews to conduct and transcribe, tables of contents to be built, abstracts, section headers and the final piece of writing, the introduction and conclusion to frame the book. I’ll be writing those the night before I turn it in. I’m sure I’ll be in both an introductory and conclusive mood. The night after will be consumed by the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

And now I’m starting to look towards the future and what’s next for me. The first thing: a few days off. Three or four. Nothing special. Nothing spectacular. Just days off and away. Then…


Will finally be completed. I’ve always looked at ComicStoryworld (the short version of that mouthful of a book title) as the “Behind the Scenes” of Whiz!Bam!Pow!. Plus, my author’s bio on the book (publishing in July) says that Whiz!Bam!Pow! is already out. Nothing like incentive.

The project will be rolled out over 8-10 weeks starting at the end of March/first of April.

And then…

That’s As Much As I’m Going to Plan

There will be some book promoting when it’s released in July, a continuation and expansion of my writing secret identity, hopefully some consulting, and finally, the next project: a novel.

The rest? My plan is to live life and make good shit.